MoFi Distribution Brings a New Turntable, New Electronics and Some Really Special Vinyl

Here at Soundings, one of the best parts of the job is getting to hang out with other industry folks that love hifi just as much as we do.  Often times we have to wait until our annual reunion at RMAF to see these friends.  Recently, however, we were fortunate enough to be able to have both Jon Derda and Ian Forte from MoFi Distribution at our store to show us what new, cool things they have to offer. This audio adventure included parts and pieces from almost every 2-channel audio category. … ›› READ MORE

Are you Sub-Conscious – Part 3

For decades, it’s been understood that home theater without a subwoofer simply isn’t home theater. Ever since that Tyrannosaurus Rex put his foot down in Jurassic Park, we’ve wanted to feel the thunderous bass that comes from a depth defying home theater subwoofer. But there is more, far more, to movie soundtracks and home theater than just LFE bass.

In order for this article to make any sense, please read Are you Sub-Conscious – Part 1 in which I discuss the basic foundations for the musical necessity for a proper sub-bass system.… ›› READ MORE

Are You Sub-Conscious – Part 2

While one subwoofer can be enough to enjoy music on a stereo system or a movie in surround sound, two subwoofers have always been required for serious Hi-Fi reproduction of stereo music.

One is not enough 

REL subwoofer home theater subwoofer

The reason for this is there are phase differences between the left and right speakers. They are critical to proper music reproduction in stereo recordings. These phase differences allow the mixing engineer to place instruments within the sound stage. For example the drummer moves to the back while the lead singer comes up front.… ›› READ MORE

30th Anniversary Open House Event May 24th

Soundings home audio denver home theater

Join us on Thursday, May 24th, from 6-9pm for an evening of fun and listening.

We will be joined by industry legends Rich Maez from Boulder Amplifiers, Chris Morris from Chord Electronics, and Mike Marko from Nordost Cables. Enjoy fine music and refreshments and some special hifi stereo product demonstrations.

Mike Marko will be demonstrating Nordost cables as well as their amazing Sort System resonance control and QRT power filtration products. He will be using our reference stereo system, which consists of Boulder 2100 series pre-amp and stereo amplifier driving Rockport Cygnus floor standing speakers.… ›› READ MORE

Soundings Has Tubes

There’s just something about a tube amplifier that is incredibly wonderful. I could be the lovely orange glow from the power tubes, or the classic retro styling of many tube amplifiers. Maybe it’s the lovely, harmonically rich sound of good tube amps. Whatever lights your fire, tube amps are fantastic, even for those of us who mostly fire up electrons in a solid state. 

I’d like to introduce you to two of the best tube amplifier manufacturers on the planet:  PrimaLuna and Audio Research.… ›› READ MORE