What We Look for in a Brand or Manufacturer

Because system matching is so important, you need to choose your components carefully. Otherwise you can end up with a boring system that isn’t used very much. Soundings takes pride in sorting through all of the different brands and manufacturers and hand selecting our partners so that we can deliver the best possible experience. We refuse to settle for an experience that is anything less than amazing. Because we specialize in audio and video setup and system matching, our systems have a special quality that can make you forget you are listening to a recording at all.  You can get lost in the music and melt into your favorite chair for hours because the system has synergy. When you experience a home theater system or stereo system that gives you goosebumps, you aren’t likely to forget it.  

Products must be SPECIAL to make it to our Showroom

We are able to create outstanding audio experiences for any budget because we have a passion that goes beyond the equipment. We are always trying to get better sound by auditioning new audio and home theater gear. We use audio and home theater products that are reliable, simple to use, and excel in their own category. Mostly we carry the stuff that we would want for ourselves and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for friends and family. All of our employees own and enjoy the very products we sell everyday. To ensure that we can meet our own standards, we partner with lots of different industry folks. We also have experience with many brands not listed here. Just give us a call if you’re curious. Also, don’t be surprised if you find new products in our store from time to time. It’s what we love to do. You can always check out our blog as well to see what’s new!

Some of our brands and partners:

Analysis Plus at Soundings Hifi
Boulder Amos and Electronics at Soundings Hifi
Chario Italian Speakers at Soundings Hifi
Dali Scandanavian Speakers at Soundings Hifi
EAT Turntables at Soundings Hifi
Furman Power Conditioning and Surge Protectors at Soundings Hifi
Isotek Power Conditioners and Surge Protectors at Soundings Hifi
Jaymar Theater Seating at Soundings Hifi
JVC Projectors at Soundings Hifi
Lutron Lighting and Shades at Soundings Hifi
Marantz Electronics at Soundings Hifi
Pakedge routers, access points and switches at Soundings Hifi
Panamax Power at Soundings Hifi
Ortofon cartridges and needles at Soundings Hifi
Primare Amplifiers and Electronics at Soundings Hifi
Pro-ject Turntables and Electronics at Soundings Hifi
Rega Turntables and Electronics at Soundings Hifi
Rockport Technologies Reference Loudspeakers at Soundings Hifi
Salamander Designs Furniture at Soundings Hifi
Savant Automation and Control Systems at Soundings Hifi
Sonos music streamer at Soundings Hifi
Sumiko Needles and Cartridges at Soundings Hifi
SI Projection Screens from Screen Innovations at Soundings Hifi
Vienna Acoustics Loudspeakers at Soundings Hifi
URC Universal Remote Control Systems at Soundings Hifi