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The new Liszt represents the latest Vienna Acoustics creation.

Vienna Acoustics has been producing some of the most beautiful and emotional home theater and home audio speakers since they began in 1991. At Soundings it has been our absolute pleasure to be involved in handling such great home audio speakers, so naturally, we’re excited for this latest home audio product. Due mid 2nd quarter 2014, the Liszt is the first model in what will be a series of loudspeakers featuring a new 15cm Flat-Spider-Cone™ Coincident driver system derived from the famed Klimt Series. Pictures don’t really do it justice, this medium sized floorstanding home audio speaker is a real beauty in person.

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Recently reviewed, this is what Jacob Heilbrunn The Absolute Sound had to say about them:

“It was quite an absorbing experience to listen to the Liszt capture the nuances of his playing. The sense of black space and decay endowed the music with a great sense of realism. It almost seemed as though you could see the fortepiano’s hammer striking the string and the felt damper stopping the string from vibrating. When a loudspeaker reaches this level of fidelity it feels as though you can sense the movements of Bezuidenhout himself.”

“With its focus on detail, the Liszt is an adamantly high-resolution loudspeaker.”

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Come and hear music for the first time on these remarkable home audio speakers from Vienna Acoustics at Soundings Fine Audio Video showroom.


Drivers: One 1.2″ handcrafted, hand-coated neodymium center-vented silk-dome tweeter; one 6″ flat-spidercone, high-power, neodymium motor midrange; three 7″ spider-cone woofers
Frequency response: 28Hz–25kHz
Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 91dB
Weight: 198 lbs. per pair
Dimensions: 11.6″ x 47.6″ x 17.2″
Price: $15,000 per pair, depending on finish