Our method of creating a combination of fine quality audio equipment, critically setup, and matched to the acoustics and decor of your room will consistently give you a deeply satisfying and involving performance of the music that you love from your system.


    Our passion for what we do goes far beyond the point of sale on a system. We make sure that your system sounds better than you ever dreamed it would, is fun to use, and we’re always available to help solve problems on a personal level.


    At Soundings we have trained with Academy Award winning filmmakers like George Lucas, Marc Berger, and Walter Murch to learn how to calibrate home theater systems to match an actual model used by the film industry. Master Theater™ has enabled us to give our customers a consistent, realistic, and completely involving experiences, at almost any price range, which no commercial movie theater can match.


    Our longevity is a result of our passion for music and film, guided by a stubborn determination to offer only the best products available in all price ranges. Our five showrooms are set up to let you see and hear exactly what a film or piece of music SHOULD sound like in order to give you a basis in which to decide what is right for you.

Our Process

When you visit Soundings, you will be met by a highly trained sales person who will walk you through our six showrooms, explaining and demonstrating to you what a home theater or audio system is supposed to look and sound like. We will you show you different products and technologies at different price points to find the one that best suits you and your needs. We’re confident that after you see and hear our home theater and audio systems you’ll be better able to help us design the perfect system for you and your family.

Soundings Master Set Speaker Setup

Soundings Unique Approach to Sound

Master Set™ is the only systematic speaker setup method that works in every room with any system. The reason we have dedicated so much time and energy to this is simple – it’s the right thing to do. We guarantee that Master Set™ will make your home theater or stereo system – any system – sound like what you dreamed it always should. Visit us at Soundings for a dramatic demonstration of what Master Set™ can do for your home theater or home stereo system.

What Sets Us Apart

What separates a great restaurant apart from a chain restaurant? The Chef. Just like fine cooking, creating a Home Theater or Audio system requires skill, knowledge, and a passion to achieve extraordinary performance. Keep in mind, putting together a system is a CUSTOM project. Your needs are unique. Your taste is unique. Most of all, your environment is unique. The overall success of a system is dependent on the matching of components and the skill necessary to install and calibrate the system to your unique environment. Soundings is proud to be one of only a handful of A/V retailers in the country that possesses the ability and desire to design and install a system that will truly enhance your home and be something that you and your family enjoy forever.

Boulder Electronics 2110 Preamp at Soundings Hifi

Statement Products

Statement products represent the “best of the best” in terms of design and quality that a manufacturer can offer or provide. They push engineering and design concepts to the edge in an effort to bring the industry to greater heights. Soundings unlocks the true potential of statement pieces with precision setup and installation techniques. We at Soundings have exclusive access to many statement pieces from some of the worlds best HIFI brands like REL Acoustics, Boulder Amplifiers and Rockport Technologies. The quality of a reference system using statement products provides an experience that has to be felt and heard to be believed.