Have you gone looking for your favorite CD digging around through CD cases only to find the disc is missing? Are you tired of loading that old 300 disc CD changer with discs, wondering what might play next?

Sonos whole house music systemWith the VAST number of choices available for listening to digital music and streaming online content on your stereo system, may we suggest one that defies all others. If you love music, if you want that music now, and you want access to millions of songs easily at your finger tips, you might consider adding a Sonos to your stereo.

Sonos combines online internet content, such as Pandora Radio, Rhapsody, Spotify, Mog, iHeart Radio with your existing digital music library into one very simple to use system, AND you can play it all over your home, even if your home is not wired.

Sonos whole house music systemThe Sonos system uses a powerful mesh network to send music wirelessly all over your home in pristine digital quality with no loss. You can hook up Sonos components to your existing home stereo system or directly to a pair of stereo speakers in any room in (our outside) your home. And if you have a room where you simply want a 1 box solution for nice background music with no stereo components or speakers, Sonos has that too. See what others are saying:

In my opinion, this is the compact music system for the next decade.” – Brent Butterworth, Sound & Vision.

You will be able to tell from the tone of this review, that we are totally in love with the Sonos system. Having used it for a few months I can assure it is worth every penny and has actually changed the way we listen to music.” – Will More, Cult of Mac

For more information about the Sonos Wireless Home Music Systems come visit Soundings for a fun music filled demonstration.