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5 Steps To Make Your House a Smart Home

Use Home Automation to turn your house into a Smart Home If you mention home automation or Smart Home to almost anyone and immediately visions of the Jetsons come to mind.  We may not have flying cars and a conveyor belts to get us dressed in the morning, but home technology has definitely come a […]

Why Are Turntables and Vinyl So Popular?

It’s quite the trend these days to pay for intangible digital audio “files” that are compressed and stored on an all-purpose entertainment device. Convenience is an ever increasing fixation, and has come a long way since the dawn of the first stereo system. Convenience, however, should never be prioritized so as to completely trump the quality and substance of the music being played.

Vinyl records are experiencing a global resurgence. Sales of vinyl records are the highest they have been in 15 years and turntable production has seen a huge increase over the past 5 years which begs the question…. WHY?

Vinyl Has Never Looked (or Sounded) This Good

Vinyl records are experiencing a global resurgence. Sales are the highest they have been in 15 years. This is pushing the market for new and better turntables. Soundings has partnered with 3 leading turntable manufacturers for the most complete line up of record players and the best turntables in Denver. Rega Rega’s Roy Gandy is […]

Vienna Acoustics introduces new Liszt Loudspeaker

Vienna Acoustics has been producing some of the most beautiful and emotional home theater and home audio speakers since they began in 1991. At Soundings it has been our absolute pleasure to be involved in handling such great home audio speakers, so naturally, we’re excited for this latest home audio product. Due mid 2nd quarter […]