Whole House Music Systems

sonos ipad Denver Best Whole Home Audio What is it that makes you pick Mozart over Machine Head? Have you ever thought of a particular song and wanted to hear that song right now? What if you could grab a remote, punch in your selection and hear it instantly in the room you are in without having to walk over and turn on the stereo system or shuffle through your CD collection to find the right disc? That has been the dream of everyone that’s ever owned a music system, whether you’re listening to James Taylor on the back deck as you watch the sun go down or rocking out to the Doors when nobody is home.

For more than 40 years stereo owners have looked for ways to make their music systems easier to operate, more convenient, and more fun. With the technology available these days and the ever growing amount of online content, home entertainment systems can do all that and more. In fact if you look at some of the systems currently available, it’s easy for anyone to become quickly overwhelmed with their complexity and their ability to do more things than you could imagine. We see clients all the time who have purchased these complex systems and they are just not happy with it – mostly because even with all this technology, the core of what they wanted is missing.

At Soundings we take a different approach and we call it “Hand Crafted” home entertainment. We think what you really want is good quality and, most of all, simple convenience. We think you will be happier with a system that does only the few things that you want flawlessly, rather than doing 500 things that you will never use. We think you want a system that you don’t have to remember anything in order to use it. And most of all we think you want a system that gives you your music, when you want it, with enough quality that makes you want to play it all day every day.

Come visit our showroom and see what we mean by “Hand Crafted” home entertainment designed around just you.

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